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The perfect wedding lip!

I always get questions from my brides asking me what I recommend for their wedding day lip colour! You might be wondering also. "What kind of lipstick is best? What brands are worth buying? Do I want a matte finish or something glossy? Do I stick to a nude colour or try something bolder?" I always get asked "What's the best???"

Pssst... I have something to tell you... There is not one "best" lip product for you. There are many very good options out there for you, and you need to decide what you want to look like for your big day.

With that in mind, there are some things you need to be aware of, so you can make the best decision for yourself.

Let's start with the colour because that's probably what you are most worried about. First you need to decide if you want something neutral/nude or if you want something bolder. I personally recommend going neutral for your wedding day so that your pictures are classic and effortless, and you don't have to worry about getting purple lipstick everywhere (especially not on the dress!!!). However, I have done a few weddings here and there where the bride wanted a bold red lip, and let me tell you that the results are absolutely stunning. So do your research, decide what kind of colour you want to try. Maybe even try both!

Now if you decide to go with a bolder colour, that is all up to you! If you want to go with a red, I recommend a classic blue toned red. This will help make your teeth look whiter and your pictures will look very classic.


-Mac ”Ruby woo”

-Nars velvet matte lip pencil “Cruella”

-Sephora cream lip stain “Always red”

If nude/neutral is where your mind is set, then let's dive in! First and foremost, can we agree to stay away from the concealer/dead nudes? They wash you out and in pictures, and your lips will disappear! To avoid this, let's pic colours that are at least our skin tone or darker, or with a pink/peach/rose/coral/mauve tone to it! For deeper skin tones, you can pick a colour that is slightly lighter than your skin tone, but be careful and definitely try it on first!!!

Here are some of my favorite nudes & neutrals for fair to tan skintones:

"Anita" by Nars

"Syrup" by MAC

"Sphynx" by Covergirl

"Indian Rose" by Tom Ford

"Barbara" by Nars

"Sandwich pink" by Bobbi Brown

For tan to deep skin tones try:

"Indian rose" by Tom Ford

"Thick" by Fenty

"Deborah" by Nars

"Fire side" by Sephora collection

"Crème in your coffee" by MAC

"Blackberry" by Bobbi Brown

Notice how none of these are liquid lipsticks... You might be tempted to get one of those because of how long wearing they are, they are transfer-proof (good for the groom). BUT PLEASE LISTEN. They will emphasize any texture on the lips, and we don't want that in the pictures right? You're most likely going to be wearing this lipstick for a good chunk of time, and I would like to mention that liquid lipsticks tend to crumble after a while, they wear off unevenly, and they can bunch up inside the lip... Not cute. I'll be honest, I do wear them sometimes! They offer really good colour payoff and they will not get on anything. But I do not recommend it for your wedding day. I recommend a good quality cream lipstick that is long wearing but not drying. You will have to reapply it once twice during the day but that's not so bad is it? Sometimes for a bold colour liquid lipsticks can be better because they will not budge, but definetly try it before your big day.

Let's not forget about lip care!!!! Lip exfoliators are a must to get a super smooth base for your lip colour. You‘re also going to want to use a super hydrating lip balm or lip mask consistenly so your lip colour stays looking fresh all day (especially matte lipsticks!).

Lip exfoliators:

-elf lip exfoliator

-lush lip scrub *favorite! try the bubble gum!*

Lip balm/mask:

-laneige lip sleeping mask

-fresh caramel lip balm

-bite agave lip mask

So now you have everything you need to make an informed decision about your wedding day lip colour. Try a bunch on! Make it a trip with your girlfriends while you‘re at it. It doesn't need to be something to worry about. If you have a good makeup artist for your wedding, they can always help you make a good decision as well.

Good luck and have fun trying out those lip colours!

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